Beach Planes?

MIRAMAR BEACH1 — Because nothing says “relaxing day at the beach” like a private aircraft making an unexpected appearance on the sand.

In the latest display of wealth-meets-mishap, a privately owned aircraft was forced to land on the shores near Beach Drive East in Walton County. Apparently, when you’re fabulously rich, even engine failures come with a picturesque backdrop.

According to the Walton County Sheriff’s Office, the small Cessna aircraft reported an engine failure to Eglin Tower on Monday afternoon. And because waiting for help is so passé, the pilot decided to turn the beach into a makeshift runway.

Thankfully, no one on the plane or on the ground was hurt, which is great news for the beachgoers who got an unexpected addition to their seaside experience. Instead of worrying about sunburns or sand in their snacks, they got to witness a live-action emergency landing.

As for the pilot, landing a plane on a beach? Just another Monday. Stay tuned as this developing story unfolds—because when the super-rich have engine troubles, it’s always worth watching.

  1. Full disclosure: I used AI to loosely base this off of and yes, I know this person probably has nothing to do with the wealth of the area. And yes, I know wealth isn’t inherently a bad thing. ↩︎

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